Panther Features

Panther enables the creation of interoperable, zero knowledge assets (zAssets) collateralized 1:1 by their digital counterparties.

Private Assets

Assets from any blockchain (peerchains) are minted into zAssets using zero knowledge proof technology, and pooled together by privacy miners to provide strong privacy.

Secure Custody

Maintain control of underlying collateral using on-chain Panther Vaults. Collateral is kept safely in a multisig contract, and it is redeemable anytime.

On-Chain Governance

Panther is a fully decentralized protocol governed by token holders. By acquiring Panther tokens, users can vote on proposals using a fair, stake weighted voting system.

Risk Free Setup

Transactions of zAssets are made untraceable without trusted setup. HALO zkSNARK enables recursive proof with a risk-free setup.


Have all the benefits of private transactions with none of the regulatory uncertainty. Regulatory compliance is provided by Gatekeepers across jurisdictions.

Privacy Mining

Incentivize privacy and earn Panther tokens by pooling zAssets for liquidity. The more liquidity, the more private and affordable on-chain privacy becomes.


Panther Core Components.

Panther Wallet-A browser-based self-custodial wallet. The Panther Wallet prevents address reuse, enables private connections to Ethereum DeFi using proxy addresses and is used for voting on governance proposals.

Privacy Miners - Provide zAsset liquidity to the Panther protocol and earn Panther tokens in return. Privacy mining ensures the Panther protocol is always liquid and private.

Panther DAO - A community governed decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Vote on specific Panther Improvement Proposals, set budgets and configure token economics within the Panther ecosystem.

Gatekeepers - Enterprises responsible for verifying user KYC/AML compliance and the exclusive minters and burners of zAssets. Gatekeepers play a key role in the distribution of zAssets and are voted into the network by token holders.

Our Roadmap

Path to Decentralization


Meet the builders of Panther

Core team

Oliver Gale
Serial entrepreneur and CBDC inventor with 9 years experience building and investing into blockchain projects
Strategy and Business Development
Ramadan Ameen
Former Air Force Major, start-up fractional CFO. 5 years at BlackRock working with institutional relationships across the institutional spectrum
Dr Anish Mohammed
20+ years in security and cryptography as a researcher and consultant. Advisor to Ripple, Ethereum, and co-founder of UK Digital Currency Association
Technology and Architecture
Vadim Konstantinov
30 years of experience in engineering, DevOps, accounting, Architect, CIO and other C-level roles in cloud services, fintech, and blockchain projects
System Architecture
Dr Arnold Yau
Information Security PhD with 20+ years as cryptography consultant, pentester, security engineer in defence, mobile, finance, blockchain. Smart contract auditor
Laurent Rochat
15+ years of experience in Marketing, Insights and Strategy at executive level. Founder, Lecturer, Trainer
Strategic Marketing
Pierre Correia
Change Agent, Mentor, Strategist. 15+ years architecting and implementing turn-key infrastructure solutions across multiple vertices
Ecosystems Architecture
Constantinos Antoniou
2 years experience as Crypto Researcher & Analyst, co-founder of several cryptocommunities, content creator and marketing advisor
Ecosystem and Community
Keaneau Donovan
4 years experience as financial analyst in international banking and operations specialist in blockchain-enabled credit-lending venture
Jillian Godsil
30+ years international fintech experience across marketing, PR, broadcasting and journalism
Strategic Communication
Chris Folta
17+ years experience as a creative director specializing in branding strategy, UI/UX & product design, and 3D motion graphics
Creative Direction
Talia Itzcowitz
Passion for talent management and organizational behavior. Experienced in startup culture and working with people
Talent Management


Dr Akaki Mamageishvili
Senior Researcher at ETH Zürich, focused on game theory and particularly mechanism design, both the theoretical and practical aspects of it
Bruno Ahualli
Serial entrepreneur, 20+ years in executive roles. Led marketing at Boson Protocol and founded and exited 3 marketing boutiques. Built and operated multiple D2C brands.


Welcome to the world of private decentralized finance on your favorite blockchain.


Panther Pools and Vaults can extend digital asset transactional privacy onto native smart contract protocols. Any blockchain can make use of Panther privacy and use zAssets; get in touch for peerchain partnerships.


Panther is a community governed protocol which relies on exchanges, brokers and financial institution partners to ensure privacy and compliance are equally met while zAsset primary markets remain adequately served.

Strategic Investors

Panther aims to connect multiple peerchains, provide liquidity and growing stability to zAsset markets and build a decentralized and private smart contract blockchain. Help is always welcomed.

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We are a 100% open-source project. Anyone can contribute.


Frequently Asked Questions about Panther

No. Panther is a decentralized zero knowledge protocol built without any trusted setup. Admins do not control the smart contracts and privacy is enforced by strong encryption and privacy defaults.

zAssets are untraceable assets created by issuing 1:1 collateralized, zero knowledge digital tokens on peerchains. zAsset transactions are always routed through Panther Privacy miners.

The Panther Token is a finite supply, privacy-preserving gas token used to pay for fees within the Panther ecosystem and represents a right to participate in Panther governance, voting on Panther Improvement Proposals (PIPs) and Gatekeeper membership.

Gatekeepers are exclusively responsible for minting and burning zAssets which they sell on secondary markets such as FTX or Binance. Once a zAsset is minted by a Gatekeeper, it is made untraceable by using zero-knowledge proof.

The Panther protocol does not keep lists, maps, registers, dates nor any other document on Panther users. The network is unable to ascertain the parties to a transaction.

Panther is currently being developed and will be audited by prior to launch.

Yes, the Panther Wallet provides users with the option to export their transaction logs.

Yes, Panther enforces best privacy practices in all interactions with zAssets. However, it is important to understand other privacy considerations to maximize privacy.

Privacy miners play two roles in Panther: they contribute liquidity to Panther Pools, and they provision Relayer Services to ensure addresses are anonymously funded to pay for gas.

Yes. Panther is fully open source. Our code can be found here.